An open source mobile game console Sprig

Hack Club He created a unique project called Sprig that is designed to help teach teens about technology by getting them involved in open source projects. Sprig, an open source handheld game console to be awarded by Hack Club For anyone who builds a tile-based game in the web-based game editor and publishes it to the community gallery. Made of about $100 worth of components, the Sprig is a game console”Where every user is a creatorsay its developers.

You should be able to start branch With very little programming experience. Even if you are an expert, you can still have fun. Sprig games are designed to be shared and hacked with friends. Every game submitted is easily viewable and editable in our gallery allowing people to learn from and build on each other.”


Open source game console

“The Sprig is a dedicated handheld gaming console created by the Hack Club. In the fall of 2022, we’re introducing the Sprig (valued at over $100 in components alone) to every teen hacker who successfully shares a game they’ve created in our Community Gallery.”

A web-based game editor that turns learning to code from studying language syntax to creating small creative projects. The Sprig game engine showcases a mini builder kit for making tile-based games. This building kit helps you focus on being creative rather than learning programming interfaces Big apps. Games are just JavaScript and we’ve created a custom system to run the same JavaScript on the microcontroller!”

Source: Hackaday: GitHub: Hack Club

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