Amazon’s third-quarter profit rose 15 percent

Amazon reported revenue for the third quarter, the shopping giant saw revenue increase 15% year over year, and Amazon generated $127.1 billion in revenue for the third quarter.

Amazon also revealed that it saw a 20 percent increase in North American sales in the quarter, and international sales fell about 5 percent.

“In the past four months, employees across all of our consumer businesses have worked tirelessly to put together the events of an enticing prime member deal with our eighth annual Prime Day and all-new Prime Early Access Sale in early October. Customer response has been Andy Gacy, CEO of Amazon,” said Andy Gacy, CEO of Amazon. Both events are very positive, and it’s clear that during these turbulent economic times, customers appreciate Amazon’s continued focus on value and convenience.” We believe it will result in a stronger cost structure for the business going forward. There is clearly a lot going on in the macroeconomic environment, and we will balance our investments to be more streamlined without compromising our key long-term strategic bets. What won’t change is our crazy focus on customer experience, and we feel confident that we’re ready to deliver a great customer experience this holiday shopping season.”

You can find out more details about Amazon’s third-quarter revenue on the Amazon website at the link below.

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