Airbnb continues to make a case for just getting a hotel room

Airbnb has announced that it is testing “new anti-party technology” which it says will identify “high-risk” bookings.

The company issued a wholesale ban on parties two months ago, and is now working to ensure that those planning to circumvent the rules don’t make it past the booking stage. In the United States and Canada, a vacation rental company looks at a number of metrics to determine whether potential guests are likely to host parties.

“For example, this system considers factors such as a history of positive reviews (or no positive reviews), the length of time the guest spent on Airbnb, the length of the trip, the distance to the menu, and weekend versus weekday, among many other things.” You read a blog post.

“The primary goal is to try to reduce the ability of bad actors to throw unauthorized parties, which negatively affects our hosts, our neighbors, and the communities we serve.”

Airbnb has been testing the technology in Australia over the past year and found that the technology reduced the number of parties by 35%. The trials are there and they are now standard. If the tech thinks you’re renting a property with the intention of partying, it will block the booking. These users will be able to reserve a private room in a property or hotel room. So much for your liberating vacation in an exotic home-like property, right?

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Airbnb has already banned people under the age of 25 with few positive reviews from booking, as it remains more restrictive. One can understand serving the interests of hosts and surrounding neighborhoods, but when did Airbnb become so little fun? It used to feel exciting and liberating, but now it feels like an inquisition and the holding process is practically a conclusion that you’ve come up with something.

As Airbnb tightens its grip, an old-fashioned hotel becomes attractive again. Remember the hotel? They will make you sleep, give you fresh towels every day, bring food to your room, and there is a bar. And they don’t give you a list of hidden threats, a laundry list of chores to do before you leave, or charge you £100 to clean the room you just stayed in.

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