Aehra Premium Electric SUV launches next month

Aehra has revealed that it will be launching its new premium electric SU, the Italian EV company has revealed a teaser image of this new SUV, which can be seen above.

In addition to the new premium, all-electric SUV, the company will also launch a fully electric luxury sedan, which will be released next February.

Aehra electric SUV

AEHRA, the global new premium electric vehicle brand, has revealed exclusive preview images of its SUV model ahead of revealing the vehicle’s final design and name next month.

The images depict a design that differs profoundly from that of any vehicle currently on the market, and offer an interesting glimpse into the AEHRA SUV’s radically low front end, expanded cabin size, long, sophisticated, flowing side profile and dynamic rear.

“AEHRA was launched with a vision to unleash the full design capabilities offered by cutting-edge EV platform technology in a way like never before,” said Filippo Perini, Head of Design at AEHRA. “AEHRA’s first SUV model to seamlessly combine the unparalleled elegance of Italian design with world-class materials and engineering to deliver transformative change across the entire customer journey.”

You can find out more details about Aehra’s new premium premium SUV at the link below.

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