Adaptive transparency doesn’t come to the original AirPods Pro after all

When iOS 16.1 beta brought the AirPods Pro 2’s exclusive adaptive transparency feature to the first generation of the product, we were curious to see how it worked.

During last month’s presentation, Apple said the feature, which intelligently reacts to the sound of sudden high-decibel noises such as a siren and dampens them, is linked to the new H2 chip inside the AirPods Pro 2.

The original AirPods Pro wireless headphones are powered by the H1 chip. So it was a surprise when users noticed the availability within the AirPods section of the Settings app even for those on the first generation models, as well as the H1-based AirPods Max earbuds.

Did Apple discover some magic software to make this possible? Or was it a bug, as we often see in beta versions? It turned out to be the last, with a slight change to the story.

The disappointing news comes from trusted Apple reporter Mark Gurman, who has been informed by his sources that the feature won’t be coming to older AirPods.

“I was told this was wrong,” Gorman wrote on Twitter. When asked for clarification from the Twitter user about what this means, Gurman said, “It’s [meaning Adaptive Transparency] It’s not meant to work.”

What’s a bit strange, though, is that some users are anecdotally reporting that the feature actually works. This led to accusations that Apple could actually enable this feature if it wanted to, but simply chose to market it as an exclusive feature for potential AirPods Pro 2 upgrades.

During a September event, Apple explained the feature as follows: “Transparency mode allows listeners to stay connected and learn about the world around them. Now, Adaptive Transparency takes this customer-loved feature even further.

“The powerful H2 chip enables on-device processing, reducing loud environmental noises – such as the siren of a passing vehicle, construction tools, or even speakers at a concert – for the most comfortable everyday listening.”

Did you get access to the feature with the iOS 16.1 beta? Does it work with older AirPods Pro or AirPods Max? Have you bought AirPods Pro 2 yet? Tell us about Trustedreviews on Twitter.

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