Actor Constantine Lucifer had to fight for the unique appearance

Now considered a favorite portrayal of the character, Peter Stormare fights for Lucifer’s design in Constantine. Stormare brings the ruler of Hell to life in the film’s final act, visiting the dying titular Keanu Reeves character and preventing the end of the world in order to not allow his son Mammon to take over Earth. Although Reeves’ take on the DC Comics warlock was met with some divisions at the time of its release, Stormare’s Lucifer was well received by audiences, but that might not have been the case had it gone in a different direction.

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While speaking exclusively with screen rant To discuss romantic comedies food and romancePeter Stormare is reflected in his time as Lucifer in Keanu Reeves’ Constantine Movie. Expressing gratitude for the fans’ appreciation of his take on the character, he revealed that he had to fight for Lucifer’s unique appearance in the film, believing that the original look considered for the character would overshadow “what he said. See what Stormare had to say below:

But, you know, I hope it gets made, I hope I’m the Lord at the time, looking exactly the same, but in a black suit. I’m very proud [my Lucifer]. I’m very proud of that. I’m glad Jack Nicholson, I think, turned it down, because he didn’t get X amount of millions and I went in for him. But in fact, I had to fight for this costume, like Chekhov’s, like a theatrical one. Because in the beginning, they made me dress naked in leather pants and tattoos, lots of jewelry and bondage stuff. I said, “No one will listen to what I have to say. Just put on Chekhov’s uniform, like a suit of white linen, and put tar on my feet. I’ll get a weird hairdo or something, shave my eyebrows, then people will listen to me. But if I had all These animated tattoos are on my chest, no one will hear what I say.” So, it took a while, but I won, and I’m glad I got the #1 vote for Lucifer [by many]. I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed of myself, but that’s okay. [Chuckles] It’s really cool, it’s really nice to have that support among the fans, and I really appreciate that.

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Why Lucifer from Stormare is still iconic

Although Satan himself has been personified with everyone from Al Pacino to Elizabeth Hurley onscreen, DC’s version of Lucifer Morningstar has had fewer casts attached to the character since his Neil Gaiman debut. hypnotist In 1989. Lucifer Stormare in Constantine It was the live-action debut of DC’s Lucifer and set the bar pretty high for his successors in the role, effectively capturing the inherently evil nature of the ruler of Hell while imbuing the character with an eerie charm. The white suit proves to be one of the character’s most unique touches, contrasting with the dark and wistful portrayals actors like Tim Curry have memorably portrayed on screen to capitalize on the complex nature of the being.

In the 17 years since the character made his live-action debut, the only people who have stepped into Lucifer’s shoes have been Tom Ellis in the Netflix show of the same name and Gwendolyn Christie for the Netflix adaptation of hypnotist. Although both were well accepted in their rights, they proved radically different from Stormare in Constantine, which some comic book fans would probably look better in connection with Christie, considering it more faithful to the source material, while Ellis doubles down on the charm of an object with no real inhibitions. With Netflix’s The devil Now that it’s finished, Christie currently remains the only actor to hold the mantle of Lucifer, though that may change in the near future.

Will Lucifer return to Constantine 2?

Peter Stormare as Lucifer and Keanu Reeves as John Constantine in Constantine

After it was confirmed that Reeves would reunite with original director Francis Lawrence Constantine 2The question on many fans’ minds has become whether Stormare’s Lucifer will return for the sequel as well. Given that his turn in the character is one of the long-running elements of the film that has been lauded, it seems hard to believe he’ll remain absent from the follow-up, especially given Stormare and Reeves’ close relationship as well as their characters. . While audiences wait for updates on the sequels, they can revisit the original Constantine Streaming on HBO Max now.

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