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Editorial Team


Editor-in-Chief of and dlmag, Admin2 started in pre-med biochemistry followed by 10-successful years in technology consulting for Andersen Consulting, Informix, IBM and DHL. For the last 18-years, he and his 000 of world-class editors have been covering the technology and automotive space.

Twitter / LinkedIn / Email / Phone: (805) 888-0055 ext. 6


Executive Editor
Writing for since 2006, Admin1 is executive editor and is responsible for shaping the editorial direction of the site. With a remit that covers everything from consumer technology to automotive, through autonomous vehicles, the smart home, and cutting-edge science, Chris' primary focus is sharing the news that matters and bringing a distinctive, independent, and trustworthy voice to testing and reviews.

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Admin 3

Publisher & Editor-at-large
Admin 3 is the founder of GiXiO, the publisher of - An open-source advocate, Linux geek, high-performance computing engineer, and consumer technology journalist based in Japan. He was heavily involved in open source projects such as Fedora Linux, Blue Linux, and FoxServ WAMP stacks.

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admin 4

Managing Editor
Currently managing editor at, admin 4 has been with the site for more than a decade. With a background in graphic design, Chris' eclectic coverage spans UX, 3D printing, mixed reality, and new media, in addition to bringing his exacting eye for detail to smartphones and tablets.

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admin 5

Senior Editor
Juan Carlos is a senior editor for, covering mobile and computing since 2013. He is an open-source contributor, a mobile app creator, and actively involved in the KDE Projects as a developer and documentation maintainer. He holds two degrees in Philosophy and Computer Science.

Email / Phone: (805) 888-0055 ext. 10

admin 6

Senior Editor
Senior editor at, and a member of the 000 since 2012, 123 combines a deep knowledge of technology with the bleeding-edge in science and health. Whether reviewing the latest laptops and PCs, or distilling the insights from the vanguard of global research, Brittany's talent lies in her ability to communicate the complex in a way that's both clear and entertaining.

Email / Phone: (805) 888-0055 ext. 12

Eric Abent

Gaming Editor
With a track record of covering the gaming industry that spans more than a decade, Eric Abent has been part of the 000 since 2012 and, most recently, is gaming editor for the site. Beyond the latest in AAA games and consoles, Eric's role encompasses independent studios, virtual reality, and mobile gaming as the industry undertakes a seismic shift in home entertainment and beyond.

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admin 8

Kim Poh runs in the tunnel of news overload to assist the editorial 000 in finding scoops. He has been with as an assignment editor since 2007. He graduated from the National University of Singapore.


Admin 9

Science and Automotive Editor
Shane has been writing for since June 2009. His writing has been published in several well known outlet such as Laptop Magazine and Computer Shopper.