9 Unpopular Opinions About Jordan Peele’s Movies, According To Reddit

Jordan Peele has directed only two films, Get out And the weand his third movie, no, just launched for rave reviews. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the alien invasion movie, and it looks like it’ll have Peele’s signature subversive thriller.

However, a director who gets such instant success and enjoys other awards and accolades will always be his haters, and Peele is no different. Between criticizing his approach to social commentary, comparing him to other less respected directors, and claiming that he’s better at comedy, some Redditors aren’t enthusiastic about it. no as others.

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His films lack accuracy

Chris cries in the flooded room at Get Out

It’s no secret that the director’s films are social commentaries, be it racist among liberal middle-class families in Get out Or the American franchise in we. But Pretend-Subtlety5077 believes that the films lack subtlety and that their themes are very important. The Redditor argues, “His symbolism is so public and in your face it’s obnoxious. Any influence it might have is lost.”

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While it’s true that Peele’s films may not be accurate, this is why the films are so influential and why they stand out from the other releases. Most of the movies are filled with ambiguous symbols, but Get out And the we Unapologetically to the point, it’s refreshing to see a movie like this.

James Wan is the best horror director

The lipstick and face demon standing behind a man in the movie Insidious

TheGargoyleKing doesn’t understand what all this fuss is about when it comes to Peele and thinks James Wan is a superior horror director. The Redditor notes, “James Wan has been making some of the best horror movies since 2004, and his name doesn’t throw out about half of what’s being said about Peele.” Wan is a great director with some real classics in his movie, most notably saw And the vilebut his hitting average is much lower than Peele’s, his films are hit or miss, and he has been criticized for using too much jump scare.

The Redditor seems to put the two against each other because they are the two most financially successful horror directors. There are plenty of other influential horror directors out there right now, like John Krasinski, who directed A quiet place Films, directed by Robert Eggers the witch And the beacon. However, when taking into account the box office success, critical acclaim, and accolades, Peele trumps any of them.

Bill is next M Knight Shyamalan

on condition no It’s an alien invasion movie like SignsReddit user RadioHitandRun believes the famous director is the upcoming M. Night Shyamalan. The Redditor posits that “M. Night’s first commercial success is a great movie, like Jordan’s. The second movie is average, not good, not great. Both directors share this. The third movie is about aliens.”

The user seems to expect that audiences will soon notice Peele’s tricks and that he will end up making critical films, just like what happened with Shyamalan. But even though Peele’s early career path has the same pattern as Shyamalan, that doesn’t mean they are the same or that Peele will end up shooting sub-par movies. The two directors have very different approaches to filmmaking, and early reviews have expressed how wonderful, shocking, and entertaining they are. no It is, which is a completely different reception than Signsreview.

go out exaggerated

In a very long post where they write an article about what’s wrong with it, Cucky_Charm . thinks Get out Criminally exaggerated. Among many other things, the Redditor thinks the movie doesn’t do a good job of pairing its meaning with its plot, noting that it should have “stronger plot, more believable plot, more character interaction, and more emotional appeal, you know.”

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It’s normal that Get out It has a pocket of haters, as any beloved and award-winning movie has its critics, especially the social commentary. But when it comes to Twilight ZoneThe movie is so inspired by its concept, it doesn’t try to be believable.

We are stupid

Reed and Adelaide Us

we It is one of those films in which even critics have fallen into the hype of the release. The film was critically acclaimed upon its release, but three years later, it’s a flawed but enjoyable horror movie that pulls some clever tricks. However, Makmugens believes that the film has no redeeming qualities and is completely stupid.

Redditor notes, “It was as if Bill was trying so hard to be mysterious, subtle, intelligent, and symbolic, but came on the nose, misdirected, and happened.” In fairness, the plot can easily be chosen, it requires audiences to suspend their disbelief, and some believe that the ending spoils the film, but it is by no means poorly directed. ignore plot holes, we It is a tight, skinny and terrifying horror movie.

Exodus is a derivative of Stepford wives

Photo of Bette Midler in a yard at Stepford Wives

iWriteiWrong says so Get out Completely break with the 1975 classic Stepford wives. Redditor argues, “Get out It was terrible. It was racist Stepford wives. It wasn’t original, original, or interesting.” Stepford wives It is a satirical horror movie where men replace their wives with identical robots, doing whatever the men want.

The movie was clearly affected Get outBut it wasn’t the only inspiration. Get out Mix of drama Guess who’s coming to dinner and psychological horror rosemary baby. All of this mixed with a completely original story that no one other than Peele could have thought of.

His films are average, artistic horror films

Peele obviously takes pride in writing and directing endlessly entertaining and surprising films that look aesthetically pleasing and contain fun messages. But DiscoSandwich shrugs off the movies as nothing more than artistic horror flicks. Redditor comments, “Most people consider them above average for a movie, but they’re really just…average. Not terrible, not amazing. Every shmuk wants to find deeper meaning in anything artistic.”

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While it’s nice that some viewers don’t want messages in their movies, Peele has elevated the horror genre into something much more than that. Horror films struggle to be 3D and anything more than an inexpensive thriller, and Peele is one of the few that’s better at it.

It’s better at comedy than horror

Key & Peele - Valet Movie Fans

When Get out It was first released in 2017, and it came as a huge shock to everyone because it was written and directed by Peele. The horror movie initially appeared far from his cockpit, as he is best known for the comedy in it key & bellwhich is even the voice of Ducky in Stewie 4. HiveMindKing believes that his comedy is more than his horror at directing.

The Redditor simply says, “I liked comedy better…” While it’s an unpopular opinion given the heaps of praise Peele has received for his films, not to mention the $500 million that the two films made, it’s understandable. Peele is a great comedian, and Key & Peele is the funniest sketch show at the moment. So it puts in the long run Saturday Night Live to shame.

We are better than going out

Lupita Nyong'o in the United States

While Jdhazel65 admits that they think Get out Cool, they still think we It is the best film directed by Peele, and one of the few. The Redditor notes, “The look of the movie was amazing and parts of it scared the crap out of my horror-movie lover.” They add that they liked the basic story and social commentary.

If viewers are willing to overlook the bright gaps, we He has an incredible story. Horror movie is also scarier than Get out, Lupita Nyong’o is so terrifying as Red, Peele’s best performance. Not to mention that Peele has evolved as a filmmaker, her speed and suspense building is better too.

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