5G Spectrum Auction 2022 Finally Ends: Things You Should Know

The 5G Spectrum Auction 2022, which began in India on July 26, 2022, has finally ended on the seventh day of bidding. On Monday, the carriers finally settled down and stopped bidding. The cumulative bidding totaled Rs 1,50,173 crore. The Hindustan Times report said the final figures are still under census. But since the spectrum auctions are now over, eyes will be on which carrier has earned the amount of spectrum. Moreover, it will be worth watching when the Communications Department (Department of Communications) will give the telecom companies the spectrum it has acquired.

The government, of course, wants telecoms companies to get on the airwaves as quickly as possible so that they can start providing commercial 5G services to consumers in India. Companies have been waiting for India to switch to a 5G country. With this, India has taken a step closer to acquiring live 5G networks.

Jio to emerge as the biggest bidder

It is clear that Jio will appear as the biggest bidder during the auctions. It was the same during the 2021 auctions. Jio has the most money, and the carrier doesn’t shy away from spending money on the airwaves. This is good for Jio customers who want PAN-India 4G coverage as well as 5G coverage. Jio has called in huge funds to acquire 700MHz airwaves which will help provide excellent coverage to its customers.

Over the past few bidding rounds, carriers have been fighting for 1800MHz airwaves in the Middle East circuit. Airtel needs the airwaves to deliver 4G services because, in the same circle, the communications spectrum in the 900MHz band will end in 2024, which isn’t too far away now. Vodafone Idea has also shared the capacity it can acquire and acquires 5G spectrum from DoT and will also offer 5G services to businesses and retail customers in the near future.

Adani Data Networks participated in a very light way in the auctions and obtained the necessary airwaves to provide B2B services supported by 5G networks. More details will be posted soon.

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