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Apple Self-Repair service programme was launched recently to let iPhone users fix their own devices by renting a repair kit from the company. Though it seems to be pretty simple and user friendly, a recent news left the internet wondering if the tech giant really wants users to repair their iPhones. The Verge’s Sean Hollister recently opted to repair his iPhone 13 Mini by using Apple’s self-service repair programme. Much to his surprise, the tech giant sent him a toolkit in two suitcases weighing 36 kg (see below) to fix a 1.1 ounce iPhone 13 mini battery! As reported by the portal, instead of screwdrivers, spudgers, and pliers, Apple has sent him two giant Pelican cases with 79 pounds of tools which includes a hefty, industrial-grade heat station and a huge spring-loaded press.
As if the hefty toolkit was not enough, the entire process itself was full of challenges and the manual too was not that helpful. Hollister shared that the heating machine threw an error code partway as he tried to suck the screen off the top. But Apple’s manual didn’t explain what to do in such a case. He wrote, “I wound up heating it twice in a row. And yet, that still wasn’t quite enough for my screen to “immediately” pop up when the suction cup arm began to lift the glass.”
Next, when he moved to cut through the softened glue holding it to the iPhone 13 mini’s frame by using Apple’s single tiny adhesive cutter, the blade got caught and the writer had to yank it out . Additionally, Apple also provides a set of fancy torque drivers so that you don’t screw down the phone’s tiny screws too tightly.
Apart from the tedious task, Apple’s self-service repair programme might be costlier too. The company has charged $1,200 on his card for the heavy toolkit. It even charged $49 to rent the tools for a week and $69 for a new battery which it costs for battery replacement at its own stores. Pretty hectic and time-consuming process and not many are going to be enamoured of it!
What were you thinking, Apple?
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