Are you in the market for a new iPhone? If so, you could be very discerning about your eventual choice of iPhone model — especially if you intend to use it largely for business purposes.
Given that iPhones customarily receive OS updates for many years after originally going on sale, an iPhone immediately looks like a very business-friendly choice of smartphone. You likely wouldn’t need to particularly fret about the possibility of glaring security holes being left unchecked on your phone with no obvious fix on the way.
Also, as long as the iPhone you pick up was released relatively recently, it should meet the vast majority of your productivity needs, right? It would depend on the exact nature of those needs. 
What do you want to do with your iPhone?
If you would use a corporate smartphone for little other than occasional emailing, messaging and social media usage, even a ‘budget’ iPhone bought new could suffice. Reassuringly, Apple only recently refreshed its low-end iPhone SE, which even comes with Apple’s latest iPhone processor, the A15 Bionic.
However, if your business trips look set to last days rather than hours, heed that the new SE’s battery will last you less than a day if you are a heavy user, according to WIRED. By contrast, the iPhone 13 can easily last over a day with the same usage, as can the iPhone 13 Pro models…
What exactly does ‘Pro’ mean in this context?
Apple first used the ‘Pro’ moniker in the iPhone line with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2019; however, this Financial Express review of the iPhone 13 Pro hails it as “the first ‘pro’ iPhone worthy of the title”. That’s on account of the 13 Pro being a “better package deal” than 2020’s iPhone 12 Pro.
The iPhone 13 Pro Max outclasses even the vanilla 13 Pro in battery life, “lasting for up to two days without breaking much sweat”. The Pro and Pro Max are, however, otherwise largely identical in their features — with the most obvious difference between the devices being their respective 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screens.
Are you a professional filmmaker?
If so, you could especially appreciate the camera smarts that Apple has brought to both 13 Pro models. For example, they have been given a Cinematic mode, which could be basically described as the existing Portrait mode except for videos rather than photos. 
With these phones, you can capture 1080p video footage in the Dolby Vision HDR format and edit the depth-of-field effect in these videos on the phone itself.
Much of an iPhone’s functionality depends on what you personally add 
Of course, this has been very much the case since the early years of the iPhone App Store, but it’s an especially applicable mantra now. Actually, buying a business phone is just one step towards unleashing more of the power of smartphone technology to maximise your on-the-go productivity.
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