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Although the new Galaxy S22 lineup represents Samsung’s latest and greatest, the devices still lag behind Apple’s iPhone 13 series series in performance benchmark testing.
Samsung on Feb. 9 unveiled its new stable of Samsung Galaxy S22 devices, including a S22 Ultra model that includes a handful of Galaxy Note-like features. The new Samsung handsets are among the fastest Android devices on the market, but they’re still considerably slower than the iPhone.
PCMag recently ran benchmark testing of the new Snapdragon 8 Sen 1 processor that powers the Galaxy S22s and compared its performance to other popular Android devices, as well as Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max.
A Galaxy S22 Ultra equipped with the device achieved a Geekbench single-core score of 1,232 and a multi-core score of 3,433. It also nabbed a Geekbench ML machine learning score of 448.
The iPhone 13 Pro Max with an A15 Bionic came in with a single-core score of 1,735 and 4,647 in the same testing. Apple’s handset achieved a machine learning score of 948.
In other words, the Geekbench testing suggests that Apple’s smartphone performance lead is still considerable. And, with a new A16 Bionic chip on the horizon, it’s likely that Apple’s devices will remain the fastest smartphones on the market for some time.
Apple devices routinely outpace similarly spec’d Android models in benchmark testing. That’s the case even if an Android device has a lot more RAM on paper. Largely, that’s because of Apple’s expertise in silicon design, but it’s also because Apple is also to exercise more control over both its hardware and software.

It’s really no surprise how a Samsung phone is still slower than an iPhone.  Companies can’t compete with Apple especially with processors since they don’t make the whole phone. It’s like Samsung devices are like a pie and so many people have their hands in that pie it just messes it all up and makes it unclean and unappetizing.  Samsung, google, Microsoft, Qualcomm and network providers all seem to have at least one hand creating that phone either with software or hardware of some sort. I don’t like to use a device that does not seem pure.  Apple devices seem like they are one device pure in form and pleasing to use. I use a Samsung phone for work and I dislike it from the button of my heart. It is way to slow and I don’t care for the under screen finger print reader either. Face ID is way more secure, fast and can work in many different types of environments.

And doesn’t it cost $100 more?

Knockoffs are cheap imitations of original products!!

But what about power consumption? For a mobile device that’s as important a benchmark as raw compute performance.

This doesn’t surprise me one little bit… I can’t wait to show this article to my best friend who once lived & breathed everything Apple but suddenly ditched his Apple devices and switched to Android powered tech (Samsung to be exact). He says he is 100% happy with his current flagship Samsung smartphone but I know him well enough to have an idea that he is really impressed with how things have changed regarding Apple tech in the time since he ditched Apple (approx 5 yrs), he definitely admires the look of my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Even though the camera performance of his flagship Samsung smartphone is undeniably fantastic my friend agrees with me that the lens array on my 13 Pro Max makes the lenses on his phone look really ugly and do nothing for the phone’s aesthetics! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if come September/October this year he hasn’t converted back to Apple and is  carrying around an iPhone 14 Pro Max (and joining me wearing a fantastic Apple Watch, he admits he’s really envious of my Apple Watch Series 7 45mm (PRODUCT) RED Cellular…). He also has a Samsung smartwatch(???) but would use Apple Watch with his Samsung if they were compatible. Bring on iPhone 14 Pro Max and the A16 Bionic chip Apple, this very happy citizen of the AppleSphere can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve next!

(having read the comment from a previous respondent to this article I can honestly say I am really impressed with the staying power (performance) of the battery in my iPhone 13 Pro Max, especially when all the not really required features are turned off!).)

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Apple assembly partner Foxconn has set itself new targets to cut down on its emissions, with an aim of a 21% reduction by the company by 2025.
Apple is preparing to open its Apple Store in Wuhan, China, promoting the upcoming launch with the release of a new wallpaper.
Apple has opened up its Apple Store Myeongdong in Seoul, South Korea, and has released images of its latest outlet's launch and initial influx of customers.
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