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Apple introduced Screen Time on Mac and iPhone to help users track their usage patterns daily through a week. You can get useful insights into how much time you spend on frequently used apps to improve your digital well-being. But if you haven’t set the Screen Time with a definite purpose, like cutting down video watching activity, you can reset that data to start fresh.
reset Screen Time data
The screen time data on your iPhone and Mac records all activities. That will give you an unclear picture if you want to start later since it will mix old data with new. So it’s a good idea to reset old screen time data and then start tracking with a definitive purpose. Here’s how to reset your Screen Time data on iPhone and Mac by following these simple steps.
The iPhone, iPad, and Mac have a built-in mechanism to keep a record of the activities you perform, which involves using the screen. Further, the Screen Time also gives you a detailed overview of the time you spent doing specific activities under self-explained sections like Social Media, Entertainment, Productivity, etc. For example, watching a movie for 2 hours counts as entertainment, and working on spreadsheets counts as productivity.
iPhone and Mac
The Screen Time data of the iPhone, iPad, or Mac, gives you an aggregate snapshot of your daily usage habits. Accordingly, you can use the relevant data to curb your usage. You can use that data to actively spend lesser time on social media or games to reduce screen usage and get much-deserved breaks.
Since iPhone and iPad have a similar interface, the steps to tweak settings remain nearly the same, despite distinct names for each operating system. That’s why the process to reset Screen Time data on the iPhone and iPad is the same.
Note that there’s no native button or toggle to reset Screen Time data on any device. The workaround is to disable the feature and enable it again. This will erase the previous data. Here’s how to do it.
Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down a bit and select Screen Time.
screen time settings
You’ll see the screen showing your Screen Time data.
screen time data
Step 2: On this screen, scroll down to the bottom and tap on ‘Turn Off Screen Time.’
Turn off screen time
Step 3: Tap on ‘Turn Off Screen Time’ again to confirm the action.
erase screen time data
That’ll remove the data for Screen Time.
Step 4: To enable Screen Time again, tap on the ‘Turn On Screen Time’ option on the same screen.
Turn on screen time
Step 5: Select Continue in the prompt that appears.
Continue button
Step 6: Choose whether you will be using this iPhone or your child. This is important to choose because if you share your iPhone with your child, Screen Time can’t distinguish the usage patterns. Select ‘This is my iPhone’ or the other option under that button.
select user
That’ll reset the Screen Time data on your iPhone. You’ll see a fresh time counter displaying zero.
reset screen time data
There’s no direct option to reset Screen Time data even on a Mac. Hence, we will be using the same trick of turning the feature off and then reenabling it to erase and reset the data. Here’s how to reset Screen Time data on your Mac.
Step 1: Click on the Apple menu logo in the top-left corner of your Mac.
Apple logo
Step 2: Select System Preferences.
System preferences
Step 3: From the System Preferences window, click on the Screen Time option.
Screen time settings
The next screen will show you the Screen Time data of your usage on Mac.
Screen time data
Step 4: On the left column, click on Options in the bottom-right corner of the window to access additional settings.
Options button
Step 5: On the right pane, you’ll see the ‘Screen Time: On,’ and next to it will be the Turn Off button. Click on the button to turn off Screen Time.
Turn off screen time
Step 6: On the confirmation prompt, click on the Turn Off button to apply the change.
Turn off option
That’ll disable Screen Time on your Mac. The button next to the ‘Screen Time for this Mac: Off’ will say Turn On.
Screen time data disabled
Step 7: Click on the Turn On button at the top to enable Screen Time again.
Turn on Screen Time
Step 8: Select the App Usage tab in the left column to view your Screen Time data.
Screen time data reset
You will see that the Screen Time stats and data will show a zero, which means the older data no longer exists. You can start using your Mac again to let Screen Time track data and show it as fresh usage statistics.
This is how you can reset your Screen Time data by following a few simple steps. While there’s no direct way to reset the data, this easy workaround works fine. Clearing the Screen Time data on one device will only clear the data for that particular device. That means resetting iPhone’s screen data doesn’t impact the same on Mac. If you have an iPhone, an iPad, and a Mac, you’ll need to clear the Screen Time data of all devices separately.
Last updated on 25 April, 2022
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