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If your iPhone 13 Pro Max isn’t charging properly, don’t immediately assume that your phone’s charger or battery is bad. Based on personal experience, the problem and solution may be much simpler than you think. If your iPhone 13 Pro Max isn’t charging properly or at all, check out these nifty ways to fix an iPhone 13 Pro Max that won’t charge. The problem comes in varying degrees. Either your iPhone 13 Pro Max doesn’t charge at all when plugged in, or it charges very slowly (sometimes barely faster than it discharges). It’s a very common complaint, so here are some solutions. First turn off your iPhone.
Stay away from the power button while cleaning to avoid accidentally turning it back on. Security First! Use the flashlight to carefully inspect the Lightning port for signs of dirt. You’ll likely see debris on the contacts at the end, but also in the grooves that run along each side of the connector. Grab your toothpick, SIM eject tool, or other slim object. Plug it into the Lightning connector and scrape off as much dirt as you can. It’s best to scrape the connector, clean the stick or SIM eject tool, and then scrape again.
We’ve seen iPhones with charging ports clogged with chocolate after they were tossed into a bag along with a packet of candy. If your iPhone 13 Pro Max charging port is dirty, you can clean it yourself. You don’t need special cleaning kits, nor do you need compressed air. Even though many online tutorials recommend it. This is how you clean your iPhone charging port:

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