2 free Tunche and The Silent Age games for PC

The Silent Age and Tunche will be given away for free within a week on the Epic Games Store.

The silent era is a point-and-click puzzle adventure with elements of time travel. Experience the game that takes you on the adventure of a man named Joe with a mission to save humanity from destruction. The game has a very engaging plot, which conveys several meaningful messages when combined with a simplistic graphic style and equally challenging puzzles.

Reverse, winch is an action experience that takes the player into the adventures of Rum and his friends to uncover the truth behind the actions of Tonch, a powerful entity who was suddenly “shaken” by the creatures. Evil rises and takes over the Amazon’s sacred venom forest water. The game supports co-op and uses roguelike elements to provide an interactive experience with cute cartoon graphics.

Currently, the Epic Games Store offers two free games, The Silent Age and Tunche Until 22:00 on 4/6/2023. In the international market, each game costs $9.99 and $19.99, respectively, and the corresponding price of copper is 93K and 121K, respectively. If you’re interested, quickly follow Digital Experience’s instructions to permanently own the game on the Epic Games Store platform.

Instructions on how to get the game

① First, you must register for an Epic Games account (free) if you do not have one and confirm the registration via email. If you previously signed up for an Epic Games account to play Fortnite, you can skip this step and use the account above.

② Continue to sign in to your Epic Games account in step ① and then visit The Silent Age game page in the Epic Games Store.

Tunche game free download

NB: The Epic Games Store may require you to enable two-factor authentication for your account to receive free games on this platform. See detailed instructions on how to unlock this feature for Epic Games Store accounts here.

click Gets On the right edge of the screen, it’s easy to see with the word -100% The same price is crossed out next to the word free top right.

NB: The Epic Games Store may ask you to agree to an End User Agreement as described below. If this is the case, it should be flagged I have read and agree to the End User License Agreement Then press accepts For confirmation. If you do not agree or click to rejectyou can no longer use the Epic Games Store and no longer receive free games.

Epic Games Store End User Agreement

on the screen paying off-You can check your order in item Order summary Then choose place of matter. If you receive a notification Thank you for your purchase This is the updated game for the Epic Games Store account.

Tunche game free download

⑤ Keep visiting the Tunche game page on the Epic Games Store and follow the same steps ③ and to update the game to your Epic Games Store account.

Free download The Silent Age game

After completing the above steps, you already own The Silent Age and Tunche on the Epic Games Store platform! To run the game, you need to install the Epic Games Launcher and install the game from this app similar to the Steam platform.

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