140W Magic Dock Center Smart Charger

Magic Dock is a small smart wireless charger hub capable of delivering up to 140W and charging five devices simultaneously, providing wireless charging of up to 10W max, the hub is equipped with two 20W USB-C outputs and a real-time display actual. There are also 140W USB-C input and output connections that allow the charger to take a MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021 laptop from flat to 100% charged in just 90 minutes.

140W smart charger and hub features

Early pledges are now available for the innovative project from around $49 or £41 (According to current exchange rates)They’re offering a massive discount close to 50% off the recommended retail price, while Kickstarter crowdfunding is underway.

Charge multiple devices simultaneously

Introducing the Magic Dock, a beautifully designed 140W USB-C PD 3.1 charger with an HD display and wireless charging pad. Experience pioneering high-speed charging and innovative features in an incredibly compact cube, giving you a versatile tool to charge all your EDC devices An aesthetically pleasing slim design adds an air of high-tech sophistication to your desk Magic Dock looks like a work of art floating on the table Magic Dock features a high-powered 140W USB-C port that can charge the power-hungry MacBook Pro (2021) Speeds up to 50% of battery in just 30 minutes.”

Supported devices

140W wireless charger and hub

Assuming the Magic Dock crowdfunding campaign has successfully raised the pledge target and the entire workflow is running smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected sometime around December 2022. To learn more about the Magic Dock 140W smart charger and hub project, Play the promotional video less.

“This small cube is made of three different grids with different elements and different fantastic textures combined. Its harmonious design makes you feel that your environment is well organized. First in the industry that uses orbital ambient light around the base of the Magic Dock, the ambient light has different display modes that indicate the state of Charging and creating a dynamic environment to stimulate the flow of ideas and inspire yourself. Magic Dock is the world’s most portable 140W USB-C input charger with a 140W PD 3.1 USB-C to USB-C cable.”

140W smart charger and hub connections

“20W USB-C charging gives you the power you need to charge your iPhone to 50% in just 30 minutes – that’s three times faster than your old 5W charger.”

For a complete list of all available specials, extended targets, additional media and full specifications of the 140W smart charger and hub, head over to the official Magic Dock crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below.

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