100 million songs from Amazon Music play without ads on Prime, but there’s a problem

Amazon has opened the entire Amazon Music catalog to Prime subscribers, but it’s not removing the restrictions from the streaming service entirely.

While all 100 million songs will be available to Prime subscribers without ads, users will still have to listen in shuffle mode, unless they add a subscription to Music Unlimited. Before today, there were only about two million songs available without ads with unlimited skipping for Prime subscribers.

What it means is that Prime subscribers will be able to access all the songs available from an artist, on an album, or within a playlist, but they won’t be able to listen to them in order. You also won’t be able to choose a song and listen to it unless you keep skipping until you get to it.

While it’s still less than rivaling the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, it might be a compelling option for existing Prime subscribers looking to cut their digital services budget and don’t mind the shuffle mode.

You can still enjoy Taylor Swift’s Midnights album — which incredibly topped the Billboard top ten this week thanks to its streaming success — in full, you won’t be able to listen to it in the order Taylor intended to hear it.

If you want the full Apple Music competitor, you still get spatial and lossy sound, and the option to listen in any order you want (and Taylor wanted) with a Music Unlimited subscription.

Amazon is also removing ads from some of its library of locally grown podcasts within the Music app and launching a new feature called podcast previews. Amazon calls it a “short, digestible audio clip” (via The Verge) that will enable listeners to get a feel for the gist of what the show is about before deciding whether to dive into the full episode. Amazon hopes this will be a huge help for content producers looking to boost discovery.

Of course none of this comes completely for free. You’ll need an ongoing Amazon Prime subscription to be able to access all those ad-free music and podcasts.

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