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Now that he casts The wonderful Mrs. Maisel Filming is over, the fifth and final season, Rachel Brosnahan has said goodbye, and fans will likely continue to rewatch and chat about the twisted, fast-paced series. The same goes for Amy Sherman’s other popular show – Palladino, Gilmore Girlsas fans continue to debate characters and plot points even after the show’s finale in 2007 and the 2016 Netflix revival. year in life.

While Gilmore Girls Fans often criticize the decisions characters make and the flaws they have, there are some Redditors who view certain storylines and character arcs in a more positive light.

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Dean is a good partner for Rory

Once Rory bumps into Dean Forester at Stars Hollow High, it’s easy to see why she’s drawn to him because he’s so sweet, rugged, and friendly. Rory’s life gets worse by dating Dean Gilmore Girls And there are some problems with his behaviour, from him being unfaithful to Lindsay Lister, but Rory and Dean have a nice relationship at first.

Redditor Sumraeglar shared the unpopular opinion, “I think he was a great friend to Rory” and emphasizes the good qualities about Dean’s character. He’s not perfect but he cares about Rory and thinks of her world.

Lorelai is a mature father

Lorelai and Rory are sitting on the couch together in Gilmore Girls

While Lorelai’s choices are sometimes criticized and fans feel she should grow up more, it’s also possible to view this character as an intelligent, perceptive person who does a great job of raising Rory. Redditor TriedAllMasteredNone shared, “I don’t agree that Lorelai is emotionally immature. It takes a lot of maturity to meet your child’s emotional needs.”

The fan added that Lorelai takes care of Rory, including when she is concerned about Jess Mariano’s place in Rory’s life. Although there are moments when Lorelai may feel more like a friend, she takes being a parent very seriously. Lorelai ensures that Rory proposes to Chilton and even finds a way to pay Chilton and Yale.

Richard and Emily’s breakup is a good story

Emily and Richard smile at their Gilmore Girls home

It’s hard to watch Richard and Emily break up in Season 5, because they grew apart and didn’t seem to know what to do to fix their relationship. While many fans think this is an awful and unnecessary story, one Redditor wrote, “The separation arc between Emily and Richard was really fun to watch.”

While it might be uncommon to say that this plotline is a good thing, it serves the purpose of showing Emily and Richard how much they care about each other. Since they’ve been together for so long and have shared many ups and downs, this is a good perspective.

Jess is right to be very blunt

Jess and Rory chatting outside on Gilmore Girls

Best Jess Gilmore Girls He finds the quotes sarcastic but also tells people what he thinks of them and their choices in life. While Jess is sometimes criticized for being a grumpy, angry teen, Redditor OBX-Sunrise shared the opinion “I love the way Jess calls people out sometimes.” The fan added, “His honesty helped develop a lot of our main characters.”

Since Jace knows his parents don’t want him to live with them and he doesn’t have much choice but to live in Stars Hollow, he has nothing to lose and chooses honesty over pretense. While Jess’s words run deep at times and he may be more personable and compassionate, Jess also has a knack for knowing when someone needs some tough love so they can grow.

April planner is awesome

April Nardini smiles in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

The character of April Nardini is often discussed, with the general feeling that it could be omitted from it Gilmore Girls The show will be fine. April’s place on the show leads to a lot of trouble, including Lorelai and Luke Dance not getting married until a sweet scene in the revival. Redditor PierceD665 is positive about April, writing, “I love April’s addition because it showed us Luke really getting up and being a father to her, even though no one made that commitment on him.”

While April is sometimes seen as a way to create more drama, especially between Lorelai and Luke, April affects the way Luke approaches his life once he learns he is a parent. It’s compelling to see Luke bond with his child and to realize that being a father is important and beneficial to him.

Taylor makes Gilmore Girls what it is

Taylor and Lorelai talk about Gilmore Girls

As the borough’s chief pick and owner of the Olde Fashioned Soda Shoppe, Candy store, and Doose Market, Taylor Doose is a bold and loud presence in Stars Hollow. He is often seen as an annoying personality who is mean to others and likes to be in charge. Redditor Good_Calender_5160 sees Taylor as an integral part of Gilmore Girls He wrote, “The series wouldn’t be what it is without Taylor. SH wouldn’t have this magic without him.”

Viewing Taylor through this lens, he’s in charge of two quirky businesses that residents visit regularly, and his place on the show shows the positive and enthusiastic way he feels about where he lives. Taylor’s energy is clearly infectious as he watches him try to make Stars Hollow a better place.

Kirk and Lulu have a great romance

Lulu and Kirk smile at Luke's Gilmore Girls dinner

Kirk Gleeson is one of the funniest Gilmore Girls Side characters, and while it’s nice to see him date Lulu Kuschner, their love story doesn’t often come up as one of the best and most compelling in the series. Redditor levanw01 shared the unpopular opinion, “I really loved Kirk and Luke’s relationship.”

several more Gilmore Girls Romantic relationships get more attention, from Lorelai falling in love with Max Medina, Luke Dance and Christopher Hayden to Rory’s three relationships. Even other side romances like Babette and Morey Dell are discussed more often than Kirk and Lulu.

Logan is changing and growing

Logan and Rory talk about Gilmore Girls

Logan Huntzberger is often criticized for his rich background, immature actions, and inability to grow. But Redditor Evening_Jellyfish_4 shared a positive view of his character, writing, “I loved Logan’s growth from a stereotypical rich kid into someone with serious career ambitions.”

It’s certainly possible to say that by the end of Season 7, Logan has become more sympathetic and devoted to his job. He wants to marry Rory and start an adult life together, and while things aren’t going well, he has goals.

Rory’s shorter hair is gorgeous

Rory is talking on the phone with short hair on Gilmore Girls

Rory is smart Gilmore Girls The quotes are endearing, along with her work ethic, dramatic personal life, and relationship with her mother. One common complaint about this character is the fact that her hair gets shorter in Season 4 when she becomes a student at Yale University.

Redditor ravensarefree disagreed and wrote, “I really love Rory’s short hair!! I don’t get why everyone hates it.” Rory’s poetry marks a change in her life and is a visual way to separate her time at Chilton from her college days.

Lorelai’s outfit is fun

Rory talks to Lorelai in her locker on Gilmore Girls

Where Gilmore Girls Aired from 2000 to 2007, Lorelai sometimes wears vintage clothes but represents the time period. Lorelai prefers loud and bold clothes and often mixes styles. One Redditor posted that they love what Lorelai is wearing despite what others might think, writing, “She’s bright, colorful, fun, and totally HER.”

Lorelai’s outfits are often plot points, such as when she wears cowboy boots and a pink tie-dyed shirt on Rory’s first day at Chilton, which doesn’t give a good impression that she’s a go-getter. Lorelai also loves quirky hats and colorful coats, and her sense of style adds a fun layer to the show.

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