10 Unpopular Opinions About Daniel Craig’s Bond Movies, According To Reddit

The Take out the knives sequel, glass onionis set for release later this month, and now, Daniel Craig has revealed that he had fun making it glass onion more than ghost. While it seems like an odd comparison, both films are Dave Bautista, and both apparently had a much better experience in the new movie. Craig explained, “You could feel he was under a lot of pressure. He didn’t seem like the happiest person to be around.” Warrantybut on glass onionIt was just the opposite. It was just great fun.”

Craig is not alone when it comes to his thoughts ghostbecause it is one of the most criticized things Warranty Movies, at least from the Craig era. However, he still has a pocket of fans who will defend him to the grave. and Craig quality Warranty Movies everywhere, unpopular opinions were thrown in from everywhere.

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Christoph Waltz is the best Blofeld

HeadOfSpectre argues that Christoph Waltz gives the best performance as Blofeld in the entire franchise. The Redditor notes, “I really like Christoph Waltz as Blofeld and he’s honestly the best version of Blofeld in my opinion.” Waltz Blofeld was great for the short time he was on screen, and he definitely had the potential to be a better version of the character than Donald Pleasence (who made the character iconic in the original).

However, the films completely wasted Waltz’s talent. Waltz was really only Blofeld in the final chapter of ghostAnd he had one scene in No time to die, where he was locked in a small glass box and died such an unremarkable death. Mr. Hinx was the real standout in ghost.

The original Casino Royale is better than the 2006 movie

David Niven and Barbara Bouchet at Casino Royale 1967

Casino Royale It completely reinvented James Bond, being more realistic, more coherent, and focused on trick-orientated action sequences rather than silly gadgets. But Thedangerman007 wasn’t a fan of the 2006 reboot and made a rather bold claim. Redditor claims,Casino Royale 1967 movie funnier than Casino Royale 2006.”

The 1967 movie is not official Warranty A movie, but a spy parody inspired by the characters of Ian Fleming. It’s not a great spoof movie, but that just goes to show how user disliked 2006 was Casino Royale. However, Craig Casino Royale It’s now a classic, and no James Bond The opening scene trumps epic jack-up jumping.

Skyfall is derived from the Dark Knight

James Bond's Raoul Silva in his cell in the MI6 prison in Skyfall

Between Roger Dickens’ stunning cinematography, expertly shot action sequences, and cohesive story (something that’s hard to ask of even the best guys) Warranty Movies), sky fall Tick ​​all the boxes. But Lord Tiddlebush thinks the film is overdone and that the story is not coherent at all. The Redditor argues, “Silva’s whole scheme made no sense. He didn’t have to get any of his targets caught. In fact, it would have been easier for him not to get caught, but they had to.” The Dark Knight He. She.”

In fairness, like Batman the film , The Dark Knight He started a lot of bad trends, one of which is deliberately capturing bad guys to escape immediately. It happens in sky fallbut it had to happen, otherwise Silva would not have come face to face with M, his old adversary.

Craig is an awesome bond

James Bond in the shadows with a gun in Skyfall

This user thinks that Craig is simply a terrible Bond because of the ruthlessness of his performance and that he doesn’t have the typical mannerisms of a cool spy. The Redditor comments, “It can’t top charm, or wit. It’s just 100% cool throughout, with plenty of edge and as others have mentioned, baggage.”

There’s no denying that Craig’s version of Bond has baggage, but that has nothing to do with the performance, and it wouldn’t quite work if Craig acted cheerfully when he learned of their loved ones’ deaths. If anything, Craig added layers to a movie character who’s been tough and one-dimensional for decades.

Condolences are underrated

Bond and Camille in the desert in Quantum of Solace

After the great start that was it Casino RoyaleCraig’s stint as a spy quickly took a turn for the worse, eg How much consolation It was heavily criticized for being a “critical letdown” (via Spector) and not even hardcore Warranty Fans wanted to defend him. However, some of its fans have glared at the 14 years since its release, including Violet_Rue, who thinks the movie is totally underrated.

Redditor assumes, “How much consolation It is actually wonderful Warranty One movie does things differently. The film is certainly not one of Bond’s best outings, but it does feature some stunning scenes, like the house blowing up, the opening car chase, and running along the rooftops of Vienna, and Jack Black and Alicia Keys’ “Another Way to Die” is easily one of the best Bond songs.

Specter is a ‘relaxing’ movie

James Bond in the snow with a gun in Spectre

While some believe ghost Underrated, this deleted Reddit user takes it one step further by saying that the 2015 movie is a relief. Redditor comments, “It’s not perfect but it’s such a relaxing movie to me, I can’t explain it. Love the feel of it, the snowy alpine ski resort (very Bond feel) some good humor, and I love Madeline too.”

if something happens, ghost It is actually the opposite of warm, giving the Alps and Bluefield a cool, icy aesthetic. Still, Madeline is one of the most intriguing Bond women in the franchise, and there’s certainly no denying that she brings a sense of warmth to the otherwise cold film.

Movies are not fun

James Bond's death scene in No Time To Die

Borlist believes that Craig’s Bond films simply aren’t fun, stating that “Bond was supposed to be a fun escape, and now we’ve got 15 years of watching a clinically depressed agent do half-done missions that are too small.” This Redditor hilariously adds No time to die It was “James Bond as a divorced father with a death wish.”

While ghost Teased as the “final chapter” in the series, Craig inevitably returns with a dismal outing so far that literally ends in his death. However, there are still fun parts in it No time to die, such as The Raid featuring British comedian Hugh Dennis, and Bond’s relationship with Felix is ​​as fun as ever. Craig’s films may not be as bombastic or over the top as those of Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan, but the fun moments are still peppered throughout all five.

Casino Royale is a bad Bond movie

Photo of Daniel Craig holding a gun at Casino Royale

Darthmc Darthface criticizes Casino Royale for being bad Warranty Movie. However, this Redditor only admits it because it sucks Warranty The movie does not directly mean that it is a bad movie, noting, “Casino Royale It is one of the worst Bond films. To be clear, I think it’s a good movie. I just don’t think it’s a good thing Warranty Movie.”

In fairness, if it weren’t for the typical Bond introduction and iconic theme tune, audiences could easily mistake the movie for a random flick or perhaps even Bourne Reboot. Craig’s gritty, realistic debut certainly has more in common with the Matt Damon franchise than any previous iteration of James Bond.

Skyfall is basically its only home

Bond and M in the countryside in Skyfall

SpecterSaigon notices sky fall It is basically Home Alone, along with influence from the other children’s possessions. The Redditor gleefully argues,sky fall is a combination of Home Alone with Scooby Doo villain. I changed my mind.”

while the Scooby Doo The comparison is a bit unfair since most Bond villains are theatrical and campy, just like Silva Home Alone The comparison has been made many times before. The final chapter sees Bond set up booby traps all over his childhood home before Silva arrives, and it’s almost impossible not to think of the classic holiday movie when watching it.

Dominic Green is the second best Bond villain of all time

Dominic Green sitting with his hands together at Quantum of Solace

How much consolation He receives a lot of hate from the fan base and from general audiences, but that may be because it takes a lot of risks, and some of them just don’t get the recognition they deserve. AganArya007 believes that the film’s antagonist, Dominic Green, is by far the best Bond villain. The Redditor posits, “Greene is the most sinister villain of the Craig era, and even more badass compared to many others in the series, only slightly behind Sanchez.”

The user may have a point, because Green is the most realistic opponent Bond has ever faced, he is not covered in scars, and he does not have a forced background. And since the franchise has been criticized recently for always having bad guys with facial scars, How much consolation It was ahead of its time in some ways.

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