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earlier this year, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone She celebrated her second birthday with a special reunion party, Back to Hogwarts. It saw several main actors reunited to discuss their memories of making the hugely popular movie series and showed how close actors such as Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe were. He also answered many behind-the-scenes questions that the audience did not have an answer to.

However, even after all these years, Harry Potter Fans found that they still had some unanswered questions about the plot Sorcerer’s Stone. Some arose years later when future installments presented strange inconsistencies, while other aspects of the film didn’t make sense to the audience from day one. Fans on Reddit asked some of their biggest questions about the first question Harry Potter The movie and the book Hoping that someone might have some answers.

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Was Dumbledore Betting Voldemort?

When Sorcerer’s Stone Released for the first time, the audience couldn’t help but laugh at how easy it was for Harry, Ron, and Hermione to bypass the protective measures protecting the stone. Dumbledore and McGonagall were very confident that he was safe, yet three 11-year-olds could reach him without any problem.

As the series continued, it became clear that Dumbledore had done nothing by accident. Now, Redditors like AnEndlesWaltz ask: “Was Albus taste ? [Voldemort] Stoned to try to thwart him? “If that were the case, Dumbledore would have made the obstacles easy, except for the mirror, which was the only proper protection. It’s possible that the combination of Harry and the stone was just a bait to get Voldemort out of hiding.”

How did Quirrell find Voldemort?

Professor Quirrell has been described as an intelligent man eager to prove himself. To do so, he tracked down the whereabouts of Harry Potter The evil Lord Voldemort ended up in his possession. But AnEndlessWaltz is confused about how Quirrell managed this.

They said “Bellatrix bragged about looking taller/more than anyone else”. If powerful wizards like Bellatrix and her husband and Barty Crouch Jr. can’t find Voldemort, a young wizard outside of school can’t get either. Perhaps if Dumbledore had hoped to lure Voldemort out of his hiding, he would have given Quirrell a small push, but that would be heartless even for him.

Why was Hermione afraid of Voldemort’s name?

When Harry first begins to interact with the wizarding world in Sorcerer’s StoneHe often forgot that it was a taboo to say Voldemort’s name. He was raised by Muggles, so even though the Dark Wizard had killed his parents, he had no problem saying his name.

However, the Muggles raised Hermione, but she was immediately afraid to say the name. “She only knew about him through books, but she wouldn’t really understand his fear of him,” said Redditor Proro. She might have acted to fit better, but that’s not much like Hermione, who was usually wise. Harry Potter.

Why does Dumbledore use the Lightening Tool?

When Dumbledore appeared on Privet Drive in the beginning Sorcerer’s StoneHe took out his magical Deluminator and turned off all the street lights. This was done so he could avoid sneaky eyes from seeing him out the window, but Redditor 3oblins was confused by this decision.

They noted that he “fled bright lights through everyone’s windows in the middle of the night”, wondering how Dumbledore thought it would be less suspicious than a man in strange clothes on the street. But, in the end, it was probably just Dumbledore’s glamor that inspired him to use his awesome gadget.

Is Gringotts really the only magic bank?

In the book, Harry is surprised to learn that witches have banks, but Hagrid makes it clear that there is “only one”. He was referring, of course, to Gringotts Bank. However, as the masses learn more about the wizarding world, it seems strange that there will be one bank for everyone to use.

Redditor TheHammer: He asked me if Hagrid meant that there was only the bank in Diagon Alley or if he meant that “there is only one banking company but several locations?” That may be the case, as Bill Weasley worked at Gringotts and traveled the world, but there seems to be no way to be sure.

Why do Scabbers goyle bite?

In the Philosopher’s Stone In the book, Malfoy, Crabbe, and Joel introduce themselves to Harry and Ron on the train journey to Hogwarts. Once Harry declines Malfoy’s friendship invitation, the bullying begins, and Goel arrives to grab some of his snacks for himself. However, Scabbers saved the say and bit his finger hard.

Of course, years later, the public learned that Skabbers was, in fact, a death eater in disguise. This prompted Redditor TheHammerIsMy to wonder if Skabbers, or Peter Pettigrew, “hates Goyle for some reason?” Scabbers could be afraid of him as the son of another Death Eater, or perhaps no one wants to take his snacks.

How does the school track students?

Before Hagrid said the famous phrase “Year wizard, Harry,” the boy who lived received several hundred letters from Hogwarts. The first specified that Harry was living in the closet under the stairs, but in the book, each subsequent letter mentioned whatever place the Dursleys moved him to within the house.

At the time, this seemed like a witchcraft, but it raised questions on Redditors like Eyl327. “Shouldn’t they be able to tell that he’s not in the common room?” They asked, noting that if there was magic to locate a student in a Muggle house, then the magic castle should have better tabs on its students.

How did Hagrid not get caught?

When Hagrid picked Harry from the island hut at the beginning Sorcerer’s StoneHe uses a great deal of magic. First, he uses any kind of magic to get into the hut. Then he made a fire and tried to turn Dudley into a pig. Tell Harry not to repeat all this to anyone because he is not allowed to practice magic. It was one of Hagrid’s best moments in Harry Potterbut it raised some questions.

The audience later learns that the Ministry of Magic is tracking the use of magic, especially in Muggle regions. Redditor asked Eyl327 why the department didn’t notice that magic was being used “unlawfully in front of Muggles.” It was possible that that area was too far from their sight, or perhaps Dumbledore had somehow entered.

Why didn’t Snape magically heal his leg?

After the events of Halloween, the Golden Trio noticed that Snape sustained a disgusting wound to his leg which caused him to stumble over the next two weeks. This made Harry think that Snape was the one trying to get the Sorcerer’s Stone since he tried to get past Fluffy.

Of course, they later find out that Snape’s evolution ends with Sorcerer’s Stone is that he was just trying to stop Quirrell, but that doesn’t answer Redditor HarryPotterCupcake’s question: “Why didn’t Snape fix or fix Mrs. Pomfrey’s leg himself?” It’s clear from later installments that Snape is capable, but perhaps Fluffy’s saliva has magical properties that prevent wound healing.

Why are students sent to the forest?

Harry’s first arrest at Hogwarts was due to sneaking out of the castle at night, and he spent it in the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid. Of course, this was when he first caught a glimpse of Voldemort himself and would have been nearly killed if Florence the Centaurs had not intervened.

This has always baffled audiences, who find it odd that McGonagall sends students to a prohibited place as punishment for breaking the rules. “It certainly can’t help Hagrid and can only be put in more danger,” said Redditor Rumblemofen. Perhaps this was another plan for Dumbledore to test what kind of person Harry had become.

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