10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Emma As A Character

Re-imagining classic fairy tales is becoming a popular story in 2022 with shows like Netflix The School of Good and Evilwhich reassesses what it means to be an evil villain versus a perceived villain, and Frustrating which propels classic storybook characters into the real world, challenging them to find ways to balance both versions of their lives.

But the latest movies and series aren’t the first to test the boundaries of fairy tales; one day They cast characters in the real world with a dynamic cast of characters that changed the narrative of what it means to be part of a fictional story. Emma Swan is one of the most dynamic characters on the show, acting as both a fictional character and a real-life character. Her strong personality and personal flaws have inspired the internet to make memes about her choices and traits.

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10/10 know it all

Emma tends to think she knows what’s going on in Storybrooke before she gets all the information, which often leaves her confused or forced to eat her word after accusing someone of wrongdoing.

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Even when it turns out that Emma doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing when she takes over as sheriff, she does her best to get to the bottom of every mystery that’s presented to her. Emma’s tendency to jump before looking makes her one of the most popular characters because her spontaneous nature keeps fans guessing as to what she will do next.

9/10 decisions decisions

Emma’s relationships with Nell and Captain Hook become some of the most high-profile one day Shipped on AO3, just like the fans, Emma had a hard time choosing who she wanted to give her heart to.

Emma’s heart being pulled in two different directions shows that although she is cold on the outside, she has a big heart and is a romantic deep down. being caught between her old love, who is also Henry’s father, and a man who challenges her and makes her truly happy; You see Emma really struggling to make up her mind.

8/10 Establish dominance

Emma has never been afraid to question authority that has gotten her into trouble before, but that hasn’t stopped her from going toe-to-toe with anyone who tries to stop her from doing good. By removing Regina’s apple tree, Emma proves that she cannot be easily intimidated, and any obstacle Regina tries to throw at her will be dealt with by any means necessary.

Although she resists authority, she is not afraid to make herself the leader in the city and fight evil in the Enchanted Forest, making her one of the most reliable characters on the show.

7/10 Objectives

Emma is one of the bravest characters in one dayAnd some of this comes from the casual way you approach each situation with one main goal: to break the curse. Even when she’s on a side mission, Emma always has her main goal in mind, which makes her successful in defeating other villains because she sees them as another step in the right direction. Fans loved Emma’s sense of confidence that she brings with her everywhere she goes, as well as her sense of style that sets her apart from the other characters with her bright red leather jacket.

6/10 complicated situation

Storybrooke being what it is, the characters have complex relationships, often getting them into awkward situations, especially Emma. Her sense of duty causes Emma to do what she has to do when it comes to arresting Mary Margaret, but is also shown by how little she trusts Regina from the start, even though she is technically Henry’s adoptive mother.

Emma’s personality being placed in these situations helps her navigate the social structures of Storybrooke and ultimately makes her the hero as she becomes more adept at understanding complex hierarchies and transforming it to her needs.

5/10 Not perfect

No one in Storybrooke is infallible, and Emma is no exception. her character in one day It can be summed up in her quote about coming from and finding love; However, she had to work through all of her issues (and there are many) to get to this point.

Besides dealing with her family’s issues and trying to save an entire town, Emma faces impulse control issues that lead to property destruction and some physical threats. However, she is still a heroine, less flawless than other fairytale heroes.

4/10 Like everyone else

No love match is safe from tragedy in Storybrooke, and Emma had to learn this the hard way when the only person she seemed to connect with was taken away from her. This made Emma keen on Storybrooke’s methods, making it easier for her to find ways to break the curse while still finding love.

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3/10 Emma and Hook

one day Filler episodes are still considered great because they show the romance between Hook and Emma developing into something more than a mutual attraction. While Hook starts out as the more protective of the two of them, Emma assumes this role the closer they get, showing how ferocious her interest in him is.

This character shift made Emma take on a stance closer to the anti-hero than the savior she’d come to be known as, but it kept her character at the forefront of the show, making fans very happy to see her transformation from Emma to dark and back again.

2/10 Emma code

Emma will protect what she considers important at any cost, and anyone who dares to test her will feel her wrath. This meme shows the most important things for Emma. In contrast, the series shows Emma defending her son, her love, and her shield with a ferocity that is rivaled by no other character in the show, even Regina.

Related: 20 Best Shows Like MagiciansEmma’s rules evolve because at first she only cares about protecting herself, but the more time she spends in Storybrooke the more she learns to protect others, starting with Henry and ending with Hook and their new life.

1/10 Easy solutions

Although she is most fans’ favorite character, Emma makes questionable decisions that prolong some problems, such as handing Neal over to Gold so they can reunite and Gold will help Emma. This makes her a frustrating character to watch as it seems like complying with gold would be the easiest solution.

However, Emma sees the bigger picture and knows that helping Gold will result in him coming to her for more favors, regardless of his promises. This makes her one of the smarter characters on the show, no matter how frustrated the audience is with her.

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