10 filmmakers who should join the MCU (and the project they should direct), according to Reddit

One of the most exciting upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe projects is codeBut it suffered several setbacks, including the loss of director Bassem Tariq. There’s a lot of debate about who could replace him, but Marvel Studios has to act fast because there’s a lot at stake.

But Redditors think there are many other directors who should join the MCU as well, even mentioning projects they think they should direct. Between surrealist filmmaker David Lynch, acclaimed Greta Gerwig, and even blast-loving Michael Bay, these films can deliver great MCU movies with an author’s touch.

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Matt Reeves – Daredevil

Gsauce8 wants to see Matt Reeves drive a reckless movie, but they admit that it could be very similar to another movie given to him. Redditor notes, “Matt Reeves would be great recklessbut I think it’s already made BatmanThe two films will be very close to each other.”

Daredevil: Born AgainThe 18-episode Disney+ series was recently announced. While the filmmakers directed the entire Disney + MCU series, as directed by Matt Shakman WandaVision Directed by Kate Heron lokiIt was only eight or nine episodes. Directing the full 18 episodes solo is a daunting task and the show is likely to bring in various guest directors like star Wars Disney + series do. Although Reeves works hard Batman 2 The script, could be the guest director in an episode.

The Wachowski Sisters – X-Men

omgItsGhostDog ​​wants to see the Wachowski sisters live X-Men. Although nothing the output duo created came close to the phenomenon that was the matrixThere’s no denying that they have such a unique sense of style no matter what people think of their posts –matrix Produce.

fast racer is an exciting and amazing ride with such a sense of speed, and atlantic clouds It is a science fiction epic that tells a deep and multifaceted story. In this regard, there will be no better directors to lead X-Men. The inevitable MCU movie has yet to be announced, but it could be the perfect project for the Wachowskis to reclaim their creative magic after frustration. Resurrection Matrix.

David Lynch – WandaVision

David Lynch is one of the greatest storytellers of this generation, with fans still trying to solve mysteries Mulholland Road After more than 20 years. TCBourbon thinks so WandaVision It must have been directed by Twin Peaks creator, which is incredibly easy to imagine considering that the Disney+ show was originally Lynch-lite.

Unlikely to WandaVision He will get a second season because the story continues in it Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness, but the show would certainly have been more grotesque and mysterious if Lynch had been in the director’s chair. The show itself is clearly inspired by Lynch’s dark and surreal films, as is the way the viewer solves riddles about a beekeeper and a toy plane.

Zack Snyder – Midnight Sons

Zack Snyder may be on the DC team, directing three DCEU films, but Ivan_Redditor wants to see the visual director take on the MCU movie. But if those DC movies were his audition for Marvel Studios, he was unsuccessful, like man of steelAnd the Batman V Superman: Dawn of JusticeAnd the Justice League Zack Snyder It was quite polarizing and divisive among fans, the latter alienating those unfamiliar with the source material.

However, the Redditor picks a project that would be perfect for Snyder’s approach to style over substance. The user thinks the director should direct a file Midnight Sons The movie that many are anticipating will be a Phase VI movie. The team movie features Marvel’s coolest characters, including Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, and Blade, and it also helps that Snyder often leans toward horror elements in his films.

Greta Gerwig – The New Mutant

AndrewCole14 commented, “I don’t mind seeing Greta Gerwig step in new mutants. Lady Bird with powers. “Greta Gerwig made her way up the Hollywood ladder naturally. She directed first two low-budget films, then one mid-budget, and now she directs Margot Robbie and Ryan Reynolds starring in Barbie, which is scheduled to be launched next year. The next logical step could be a popular superhero movie with its own unique flair when it comes to writing great female characters.

new mutants It would have been the perfect bowl for that if a new mutants The movie wasn’t released just two years ago. The movie bombed at the box office and was panned by critics, so it’s unlikely Marvel Studios will want to remind fans of this movie any time soon. However, if the studio ever gave the go-ahead new mutants Film, Gerwig must receive this call from Kevin Feige.

Edgar Wright – Young Avengers

Edgar Wright has already been attached to the MCU movie before, as he has been associated with it ant Man Before he was replaced by Peyton Reed due to creative differences. It seems unlikely that Wright will work with Marvel Studios again, as this bridge appears to have been burned on both ends, but that doesn’t stop Hitsmiley from dreaming.

Redditor suggests, “I choose Edgar Wright for something that I feel is his style Young Avengers. ” Young Avengers It’s clearly being set up in the MCU with America Chavez and Ms. Marvel and other younger characters recently introduced. And as Wright proved with Scott Hajj vs. the world That he can direct fantasy superhero movies about teens, it’s a perfect match.

Jordan Peele – Blade

FieldsAround wants to see horror author Jordan Peele star in the vampire hunter movie. The Redditor comments, “I’d like to see them bring Jordan Peele for the project. If he’s going to take any Marvel projects, that will be the case.” Although there is no known cause for this, code It recently lost its director, by the name of Tariq, and Marvel Studios now has to look for a new director if it wants the movie to meet its November 2023 release date.

However, after creating studios with hundreds of millions of relatively low-budget films, Peele now comes at a hefty price tag, and having written all of his films, he probably wouldn’t be happy to direct someone else’s script either. But there is no doubt that it will be a perfect fit for the project.

Peter Jackson – Thor 5

Peter Jackson is known for directing mega-epics, as she was the crown jewel in his filmography Lord of the rings triple. But apart from documentaries, the director hasn’t made a movie since 2013 The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. And there’s only one series in the MCU that’s epic enough to follow the Middle-Earth saga, and that’s ox.

Appuable_Egg6656 wants to see the director make a fifth epic movie in the series, and the director is set up to do that perfectly. as such Thor: Love and Thunder He introduced many gods, be it all Greek gods or the silly god Pau, bull 5 He has a lot of possibilities for an epic battle between gods. Jackson could direct a must-watch massacre with Gore at Forkwell.

Chloe Chow – Valentina solo movie

Chloe Zhao has already directed a MCU movie, which was poorly received in 2021 eternity. The movie is the only “rotten” MCU release on Rotten Tomatoes, but the source material didn’t play the director’s strength. Zhao’s other releases have followed individual characters on a personal journey, as opposed to a sprawling blockbuster featuring 12 main characters.

MuNansen thinks they have the best idea for a Zhao-directed MCU movie, positing, “Maybe get Louis-Dreyfus for Valentina’s drama. Just watch the crushing pressures on a woman trying to run the world. That would be right in Chloe’s wheelhouse, and it would be totally unique to the unit.” MCU”. The character will play a big role in the future LightningBut she’s such a larger-than-life character that a single movie could work.

Michael Bay – Ultimates

Michael Bay is a divisive filmmaker, and most movie buffs turn their noses up at the director’s glossy and loud action movies. However, these are still fun popcorn movies, and they attract huge audiences. This user thinks Bay should take care of it in the end. Redditor explains, “Michael Bay makes raucous, immature action movies for 13-year-olds. Of course, it would be perfect. in the end Movie.”

In reference to transformers Movies, the user is a bit harsh with the director, who also directed beloved ’90s movies like the rock. But in the end It is definitely the best MCU project for a bay, as it follows a group of super soldiers who are run by the government, and will give a lot of chances for massive explosions.

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