10 Directors whose first 3 films were the best, according to Reddit

Ryan Coogler is on his way to becoming a legendary director. His first three films Fruitville StationAnd the creedAnd the Black Panther All are critical and commercial hits. While some Redditors are discussing the things they want to see Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverOthers chime in with directors whose first three films were the best.

It is impossible to include every exit out there. George Lucas, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Darren Aronofsky had three great films for the first time. It also appears that new directors like Destin Daniel Creighton are pursuing this path after it was announced that he will lead the blockbuster MCU movie. Avengers: Kang Dynasty. Reddit users think these directors pulled it out of the park on their first few attempts.

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10 Quentin Tarantino

Right outside the gate, Quentin Tarantino has established his style with great cinematography, great music, and insane amounts of blood. Tank dogs. Follow it with Pulp Fiction Which featured iconic acting by John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, and Bruce Willis to name a few. his opinion on blaxploitation type in Jackie Brown It received mixed reviews upon its release but has since become a cult classic.

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“I think Tarantino in particular peaked with his first three,” says Revolutionary Redditor_Box569. Maximumkush takes a step forward, commenting: “Jackie Brown Still my favorite Tarantino movie.” Other fans agree that Jackie Brown currently has a 95% audience rating. rotten tomatoes.

9 Robert Eggers

the witch It is the excellent debut of Robert Eggers. Set in the 17th century, the story follows a Puritan family who discover strange events in the woods surrounding their farm. Eggers watched the movie with beacon, A stark psychological thriller about two men living in isolation on a New England outpost.

Northman It is Eggers’ third film and was released to critical acclaim earlier this year. Reddit user S_rene_JG comments, “It’s only Eggers’ third feature, and if you take an honest look at the rest of his movies, it’s honestly unforgettable.”

8 Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola did a great job living up to her title when she debuted. The Virgin suicide Stars Kirsten Dunst as one of the Lisbon sisters struggling for the meaning of adolescence in Central America. Coppola’s next movie lost in translation He received multiple Academy Award nominations for his portrayal of two strangers navigating culture shock in Japan. Her third movie Marie Antoinette “name Her second collaboration with Dunst was a hit among millennials.

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I absolutely love Reddit user nayapapaya Virgin suicide. I would say The Virgin Suicides is her best movie. I first saw him when I was a teenager and became obsessed with her. I can really relate to that suffocation and boredom the sisters felt. “Excellent Weight 606 also thinks Coppola peaked with her first three films, advocating lost in translation Her “masterpiece”.

7 Brad Bird

Brad Bird worked on several animated films in the ’80s and ’90s before making his debut in the politically charged film The Iron giant. His debut came with the classic Pixar the incredibles, which has since declined a sequel and a Disneyland ride based on the characters named Incredicoaster. The third feature of birds ratatouille It is a lesser known movie that many Pixar fans have signed as their favorite due to its charming characters and story.

“Ratatouille is my favorite digital animated movie! I loved it,” says Redditor Homeoftheblizzard. Qwertymaster seconds on the idea, exclaiming, “It’s really cool. I think it’s one of the most underrated Pixar movies.” In fact, ratatouille It is one of the most re-watched Pixar movies.

6 Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott’s first movie, The swordsmen It’s not very well known, but it broke the trend alien. The film follows a group of space travelers who are awakened by signs of an alien life force. Scott’s next movie Blade Runner It also became a classic science fiction movie, cementing Harrison Ford’s impressive status as a leading man.

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Redditor DarkRirm90 thinks Scott’s style was incredibly influential. They comment, “It’s crazy to think of how many species he’s helped spread, perhaps even pioneer.” JamessFranco claims alien It is Scott’s best work, saying it “has shaped how movies are now”.

5 Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson established his quirky narrative and editing style early on bottle rocket, Rushmore, And the Royal Tenenbaums. While Anderson’s memorable characters are part of the charm and appeal of his films, many fans consider these first three films to be their favourites.

In a Reddit thread about the best first movies, user bawlzsauce . notes bottle rocket Among the best. User cdaffron says, “Wes Anderson hasn’t made a movie I didn’t like yet.” Anderson Is Already Working On His Next Film, He Reportedly Called asteroid city.

4 Jordan Bell

Jordan Peels no It earns all kinds of praise, and some even innovate and question it no The characters will survive we. It was Billy’s first movie Get out However, this drew audiences to his unique views on racism, modern slavery, and white privilege in modern America.

Although Peele has only directed these three films so far, Redditors think it would be very difficult for him to top this trio of horror films. WhatIsAnime_ user comments: “I really enjoyed Jordan Peele’s”Get out“&”we“.I like the way he directs, it is definitely different and sets him apart from the rest of the horror genre directors.”

3 Alejandro G Inarritu

Mexican director Alejandro G Inarritu began his filmmaking career with a triple threat of psychological dramas including Amores Beerus, 21 grams And the Babylon. Benicio del Toro (Best Supporting Actor) and Naomi Watts (Best Actress) received Academy Award nominations for their performances in 21 grams. The film was also a commercial success, grossing over $60 million against a $20 million budget, according to Box Office Mojo.

Although he is less well known in Reddit circles, Iñarritu’s early films have impressed fans who have seen his work. “Amores Beros It’s simply amazing, it’s his most powerful work,” praises Cakes2015 user. MrDudeWheresMyCar refers to his later films as favourites, saying:birdman And the return They were the only movies I saw of him. I enjoyed both of them quite a bit.”

2 Judd Apatow

For a chuckle, check out Judd Apatow’s first directing The 40 year old virgin Steve Carell plays a lonely 40-year-old man who has never had sex before. Upon learning of this, his friends embark on a challenge to help him lose his virginity. Apatow’s second movie knocked Seth Rogan and Katherine Heigl appear as an awkward couple who accidentally gets pregnant after one night. funny people It concludes with Apatow’s first three films, with Adam Sandler as a comedian who learns he has a terminal illness, so he helps direct a struggling comedian.

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“Apatow is awesome. His movies are hilarious and fun. I think he’s already been in a relationship funny peoplewhich a lot of people seem to hate,” Redditor Tehdoctor notes. Some fans even think so. funny people He was an example in his career. User _justtwoguys says, “I think Funny People is kind of the pinnacle of his speech. I think this movie shows how much he’s a really great artist.”

1 Christopher Nolan

famous The Dark Knight Trilogy, Christopher Nolan broke the current with his first three films next, souvenir, And the insomnia. While all three movies are solid movies, some Reddit users think souvenir It is clearly the best. “If you watch souvenir First, you may find this next disappointing. For better or worse, it’s the classic Nolan,” notes Redditor sledgehammer44.

In a personal anecdote, Redditor DarkKnightLite says Christopher Nolan is a good person to work with too. “Nolan is a gentleman of temper,” they said, “who never raised his voice above an ordinary tone.” Nolan’s next movie Oppenheimera biography on the development of the atomic bomb, hits theaters summer 2023.

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