10 characters who were eventually forgotten

one thing about him Dragon House This differs markedly from its predecessor in Game of thrones Is to remember all the characters is not so much of a challenge. Although the prequel series may still have a large crew, it’s not nearly as widespread or complex.

With the nature of the spread Game of thronesHundreds of characters from a variety of world cultures are introduced. A lot seemed important for a while but eventually found themselves forgotten as the show continued to bring in new characters.

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Dario Naharis

The Selling Sorcerer who swore his life to Daenerys Targaryen was a great addition to the cast in season three of Game of thrones. Unfortunately, Daario Naharis found himself left behind when Daenerys sailed to Westeros at the end of Season 6 and was hardly mentioned again.

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It is unknown what happened in Daario Naharis or Mereen after Daenerys left, which makes the three seasons he spent there seem less impressive. Daario, who at first appeared to be a staunch ally of Daenerys, eventually became mere romantic interest before being written off.

Roderick Castle

The first season of the show contained a number of smaller characters to fill the different roles for each household, other than just the main family members. As the show got more stressful, characters like Roderick Cassel or Elaine Payne became less frequent. This was unfortunate, as the details of the world are what made it one of the best fantasy shows ever.

Roderick has a distinct appearance, and spends most of his time traveling with Catelyn before being met with his death at the hands of Theon Greyjoy. This distinctive face hardly shaped his personality but represents the details of the world. Roderick was never really mentioned or referred to again after his death.

Terrell’s wand

Tyrells primarily enters the scene in Season 3 and adds depth of political drama to the show in King’s Landing’s plot lines. The other three members of the family all have distinct traits and personalities, while Mace Tyrell is mostly neglected for the sake of comedic convenience.

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Mace is one of the many victims of Cersei’s September Baylor destruction and has been largely forgotten after this point. While Margaery and Olenna left lasting imprints after their deaths, Mace didn’t have much of an impact on the show.

Myrcella Baratheon

Being one of the few reenactments of the show, it’s understandable that Myrcella Baratheon likely had a baffling appearance in season five. Three seasons later, many viewers have even forgotten that Cersei gave birth to a daughter that Tyrion arranged for a marriage for somewhere that shows viewers haven’t seen yet.

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Dorn’s arrival as a player in Season 5 initially thrilled audiences, as their unique culture and characters from the books were expected to be a major development. But then they came and went, with Myrcella, who is murdered later in the season after a sweet moment with Jaime.

Greyjoy balloon

When the idea of ​​the “War of the Five Kings” appeared on the show, many viewers were probably confused, trying to determine who all five were. The other four stand out particularly well, with long stretches of screen time between them, but Balon declares himself king and never gets involved in the actual war. Because of his small inputs, he stands in the middle of the group of rulers of Westeros based on morals.

The Greyjoys invade the North, pillaging and plundering, but it is Theon’s motive that leads them to capture Winterfell and have any noticeable impact on the story. Most of Balon’s character is determined by the rebellion he triggered years before the events of the show. By the time of his death, many had likely forgotten about him.

Matthews Seaworth

Davos Seaworth is one of the most beloved characters in the series, but many will forget that he had a son in season 2. Matthews Seaworth died during the Battle of Blackwater, and his relationship with his father was likely overshadowed by Davos’ chemistry with Princess Shereen Baratheon. Although appearing in one of the best Game of thrones Battle rings, it had a rather negligible effect.

Mathus created an interesting dynamic, as he was a follower of the Master of Light, starkly compared to his father. His death comes and goes, with no one caring about him, even his father, after the moment has passed.

Kevan Lannister

Ser Kevan is one of the less embodied characters on the show who have more influence in the books. It’s easy to forget when the great Tywin Lannister overshadowed her as an older brother, but Kevan has made minor appearances throughout the show since the first season.

Returning for the fifth and sixth seasons to act as one of the Game of thrones’ Best Hands King, Kevan is a bit more specific. The written version of the character appears to be almost as tactical and clever as Tywin, but not as ambitious. Had there been more time to his full potential, Kevin could have made an even greater impact on the show.

Illyrio Mobatis

The first season sets Illyrio Mopatis as a significant political player, introducing Daenerys and Viserys to Khal Drogo, and is later seen plotting with Varys in King’s Landing. In the books, he goes on to show his influence in plot lines relating to Daenerys and Young Griff, a character who never made it to the show.

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Fans were disappointed with the outcome of many of the politically-schemed characters, with many eventually being neglected in order to simplify the plot and narrow it down to its conclusion. Illyrio would have been an extra piece to be ported and would never come back after Season 1, despite Tyrion and Varys visiting his home in Season 5.

Doran Martell

The words disappoint and Dorn seem to go hand in hand when talking about it Game of thronesThe plot line of the books left plenty of potential to add political intrigue, cultural diversity, and more. At the heart of that is Prince Doran Martell, the unforgettable older brother of Prince Oberyn.

Doran is a ruler considered weak, but as shown by Viserys in Dragon HouseThis doesn’t mean it can’t be made fun. Unfortunately, he hesitated for a long time, and then was killed before he could become a top player.


In the midst of Daenerys’ plot line in Season 2, she meets a mystical woman named Quaithe who speaks in a prophetic way to Daenerys. Jura warns that the men will try to steal the dragons, which will end up being the case. But then she had never seen or heard of her again.

Quaithe is one of the least used Game of thrones The characters, as in the books, continued to appear in Daenerys’ dreams, offering prophecies of what was to come. Her mystery offers intrigue about Far Eastern cultures that are rarely visited on the show.

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