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despite of boy meets world Supposedly centered around Cory Matthews, he is the Earth orbiting the Sun of Topanga. Although she was originally a background actress, Danielle Fishel played Topanga Lawrence, completely changing a Korean world. Topanga has also been a great role model for young feminists and anyone who feels left out.

In the new podcast, Bud meets the worldDanielle Fishel shares the challenges she faced as a young actress. Just like her character, Danielle does her research, always asking podcast guests and co-hosts Rider Strong and Will Friedle important questions, which lead to memorable moments like Topanga Lawrence quotes about boy meets world.

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“I don’t think I’m weird, I think I’m unique.”

Season 1, Episode 4, “Cory’s Alternative Friends”

When Topanga Lawrence first appeared in boy meets worldHer curly hair and New Age philosophies set her apart from the rest of her co-workers. While Cory and Sean thought Topanga was weird, Topanga thought she was unique, and her strong sense of identity made her a great role model for young people who felt like strangers.

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Topanga’s compassionate outlook on life changes Cory’s view after the hairstyling incident goes awry, and his friends (including Sean) make fun of how different he looks. Topanga was able to show Cory that being different isn’t always a bad thing.

“I’m a girl, but I’m not the miserable type.”

Season 2, Episode 6, “Who’s Afraid of Cory Wolf?”

When Cory begins to experience puberty in season 2, he consults a psychic and believes he is going through physical changes as he turns into a werewolf. He asks Shawn to keep Topanga as far away from him as possible during the full moon, for her own safety. Since it’s also Halloween, Topanga appears dressed up as the girl.

But in true Topanga way, she notes, she’s not the sad type, but “very coherent and in complete control of her own destiny.” When the full moon rises, Cory does not turn into a werewolf, but shares Topanga with a kiss.

“You know what I want? The return of my good name.”

Season 2, Episode 7, “Wake Up, Little Corey”

Although Cory and Topanga were clearly in love with each other in season 2, when they accidentally slept at school while working on a project together, the rumor mill took things too far. It didn’t help that the project was a video of love, sex, and slander, set to them by Mr. Turner, as a modern-day film. Much Ado About Nothing.

When school bullies congratulate Cory after spending the night with Topanga, he tells them what they want to hear, crushing Topanga and destroying her reputation. By confronting Cory boldly, Topanga teaches him a valuable lesson about treating people with respect.

“This is destructive and gender-biased thinking, and we have to move beyond that.”

Season 2, Episode 12, “Turnaround”

Cory desperately needs a date for a Sadie Hawkins dance, but since he can’t ask Topanga to go with him, he asks her if she’ll go. Topanga has stated that she is protesting the dance, due to its gender-biased subject matter, which is a very recent paradigm, which many current students will appreciate, especially if they are non-binary, gender fluid, or part of the LGBTQ+ community.

While boy meets world Ahead of its time in some ways, the stark examples of sexism and homophobia across the series prove that some of the show’s quotes are more offensive than documentable. Fortunately, Topanga highlights several important issues.

“You do what you do and I do what belongs to me. You are you and I.”

Season 2 Episode 21 “The Thrilla ‘In Phila”

While many current teen programs are criticized for romanticizing toxic relationships, boy meets world How she nurtures relationships and their health has been praised on the show, including Cory and Topanga. While Cory tends to have his head in the clouds and is very perfect, Topanga always remains steady and sure of himself.

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The quote above is the first part of what Topanga put under the yearbook photo. The second part is, “If we end up together, that’s beautiful.” At a young age, Topanga knew that two people needed to get to know themselves before they could fully commit to another person.

“I’m not a prize, and I hate it when men chase me.”

Season 3, Episode 21, “The Happiest Show on Earth”

When Topanga wins an essay contest and goes to Disney World, she ends up spending the day with Ronnie Waterman (guest star Andrew Keegan), who is trying to move on her. Topanga shuts him down and lets him know it’s not a prize to be won, and she hates being chased by men because it’s a real turn off.

Although Cory chases Topanga all over Disney World, trying to get her back, Topanga tells him that grand gestures mean nothing if he can’t back them up with his actions. Topanga confidently stands her ground against creeps like Ronnie and knows when to admit she was wrong about Cory’s intentions.

“With that outfit and that hair? Hey, Poh-Bae, I’m at the mall.”

Season 4, Episode 2, “Poetry Today, Goon Tomorrow”

Topanga has always focused on inner beauty, and has expressed her desire to dismantle sexist dress codes and accept people who are usually ignored by society because of their exotic hair or clothing. So when she tried to prove her point near the start of season 4, by cutting half of her long blonde locks, fans were surprised to see her priorities change.

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This quote was off-kilter for Topanga, who never cared what people thought of her looks. In a subtle response to Topanga’s first appearance, Shawn Topanga mentions that she’s never spent time in the mirror, which helps her realize what’s really important.

“You yelled at me. But I’m Topanga.”

Season 5, Episode 13, “Eskimos”

While Cory and Sean were reprimanded by Mr. Finney or their parents for causing trouble or getting bad grades, Topanga was always an exemplary student with a strong moral code. So when Mr. Finney finally yells at her in Season 5, she’s legitimately shocked, just because she wasn’t used to having her in her place.

But Mr. Finney made a valid point that Cory and Sean usually succeed after Topanga’s intervention with common sense and insight. While she is a supportive boyfriend and girlfriend, Topanga is also a crutch for Cory and Sean, hampering their personal growth.

“Stuart, you’re making me uncomfortable, and I want you to leave.”

Season 6, Episode 7, “Everybody Loves Stewart”

A young professor named Stewart crosses the line by moving into Topanga while alone in her bedroom and quickly becomes one of the worst characters in the world. boy meets world. Topanga tells Stewart that he makes her uncomfortable, but he won’t accept it. If Corey didn’t show up after a few seconds, anything could have happened.

This episode addresses the challenging issues of the dynamics of power, consent, and sexual assault. What happened to Topanga and the threat of escalation was very real to the public. Although it is not always easy to report an assault, Topanga set an example by talking about what happened to her.

“I wasn’t sure this day would ever come, but you were.”

Season 7 Episode 7 “It’s Time”

Kore and Topanga’s origin story has changed over the years, but their love and connection made many characters treat them like an old couple, even when they were in high school. While marriage has always seemed a certainty to Cory, Topanga wondered everything she once knew after her parents’ divorce.

For a while, it wasn’t clear if Cory and Topanga would ever marry, so when they finally arrived at the altar, Topanga’s wedding vows highlighted Cory’s unbreakable faith in their union. Topanga knew things wouldn’t always come easy, but her love for Cory lasted and led to a split, girl meets the world.

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